Franz Schreker: Der Schatzgräber
1, 6, 10, 14 May; 4, 11 June 2022

Franz Schreker: Der Schatzgräber

Christof Loy has already twice helped unknown operas of the early 20th century to a successful comeback here: After Korngold's WUNDER DER HELIANE and Zandonai's FRANCESCA DA RIMINI, another long-forgotten opera treasure now follows: Franz Schreker's DER SCHATZGRÄBER. See and hear here audience voices after the premiere on 1 May 2022.
Der Schatzgräber
Deeply impressed we say: thank you!

In solidarity with the people of Ukraine

Our heartfelt thanks go to you, dear audience. Your contributions to fundraising at our performances as well as your ticket purchases for the benefit matinée on 13 March 2022 have so far resulted in around Euro 100.000.- which we have been able to transfer to the Ukraine Hilfe association. An overwhelming amount of donations of goods was also collected on the initiative of our orchestra on the second weekend in March: four van loads could be handed over directly at the Polish-Ukrainian border.
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World premiere 21 May 2022

Bernhard Gander / Serhij Zhadan: Songs of Exile and No Return

"Do you hear the voices of all those who did not make it across the border? The voices of those left behind and discouraged? The angry voices of those who did not escape the trap, who were only a few metres short of rescue? How can you sleep now with these voices in your skull?" (From the libretto by the Ukrainian writer Serhij Zhadan)
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7, 20, 27 May 2022


Under the wise King Nabucco, the scriptural people of the Hebrews and the warrior people of the Babylonians can hope for a common peaceful future ... Conductor Carlo Montanaro; Director Keith Warner; With Amartuvshin Enkhbat, Patrick Cook, Marko Mimica / Byung Gil Kim, Oksana Dyka / Saioa Hernández a. o.
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21, 25, 29 May 2022

Madama Butterfly

Puccini's "Japanese Tragedy" is not only one of the most emotive works of musical theatre ever, but also a relentless piece of criticism of imperialism ... Conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson; Director Pier Luigi Samaritani; With Elena Guseva, Irene Roberts, Brian Jagde, Alexey Bogdanchikov, Burkhard Ulrich, Jörg Schörner, Byung Gil Kim a. o.
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Our video recommendations

Förderkreis Deutsche Oper Berlin
video - 00:33 min.

Förderkreis Deutsche Oper Berlin

Förderkreis Deutsche Oper Berlin
Our thanks for the façade projection and the historical photographs are due to the Förderkreis Deutsche Oper Berlin
Fritz Bornemann in interview
video - 04:23 min.

Fritz Bornemann in interview

Fritz Bornemann in interview
Berliner Abendschau of 30 September 1963
Friedrich Luft in conversation with Carl Ebert, Gustav Rudolf Sellner and Ferenc Fricsay
video - 09:11 min.

Friedrich Luft in conversation with Carl ...

Friedrich Luft in conversation with Carl Ebert, Gustav Rudolf Sellner and Ferenc Fricsay
Aktuelles Magazin of 25 September 1961
Hans Uhlmann on the sculpture in front of the façade
video - 04:21 min.

Hans Uhlmann on the sculpture in front of ...

Hans Uhlmann on the sculpture in front of the façade
Berliner Abendschau of 28 October 1961


DER SCHATZGRÄBER, from 1 May 2022

Marc Albrecht takes you for a walk through the Charlottenburg Palace park

I get my peace and quiet here. And I really need that downtime after all the travelling and poring over scores, because our prep work as conductors is very much brain-based, deskbound, drawing-board stuff. I’m isolating an opera’s structures and sound mixes, playing passages on the piano, and so on. The longer I spend on it, the more the music grows in richness and rubs off on me ... Marc Albrecht conducts Schreker's DER SCHATZGRÄBER.
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Der Schatzgräber
TANNHÄUSER on 8, 26 May 2022

Seven questions for ... Elisabeth Teige

The Norwegian Elisabeth Teige is an experienced Wagner interpreter. In TANNHÄUSER, the soprano sings Venus and Elisabeth as a double role - both for the first time ... Experience Elisabeth Teige under the musical direction of Sir Donald Runnicles and in the production of Kirsten Harms alongside, among others, Stephen Gould, Günther Groissböck and Thomas Johannes Mayer.
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16 May 2022, Foyer

Songs and Poets: Wagner and his circle

No composer of the Romantic period could avoid writing songs, not even Richard Wagner and his admirers. Even if the master himself used the genre only sporadically, composers in his circle made interesting contributions to the art form. Alexandra Hutton, Matthew Newlin, Dean Murphy sing, recitation by and with Daniel Bayerstorfer (photo).
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15, 22 May 2022


Soon after the failure of the 1848 revolution, the political refugee Richard Wagner wrote his LOHENGRIN: an opera about a hero who tries in vain to pacify a divided people. Kasper Holten's production deliberately leaves open whether this leader fights by fair means ... Conductor Sir Donald Runnicles; Director Kasper Holten; With Günther Groissböck, Klaus Florian Vogt, Camilla Nylund, Martin Gantner, Anna Smirnova, Thomas Lehman a. o.
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8, 26 May 2022

Wagner: Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg

The reputation of the Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin as one of the world’s leading opera choruses is due in no small part to its contribution to Wagner’s great work of Romantic opera. Among the charming features of Kirsten Harms’s production is the contrast she draws between the gaudy mediaeval era and modern-day ascetism ... Conductor: Sir Donald Runnicles; Director: Kirsten Harms; With Günther Groissböck, Stephen Gould, Thomas Johannes Mayer, Elisabeth Teige et al.
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23 May 2022 in the Tischlerei

Chamber Music VI: Faith, hope and charity

Three aspects of life, unencumbered by knowledge or reason, which are founts of great power and have been the inspiration behind many of our finest works of poetry, art and music. A musical journey with pieces by Franz Biber, Johann Sebastian Bach, Dietrich Buxtehude, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lili Boulanger, Alban Berg, Pavel Haas, Andre Jolivet.
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In the ARD Media Library and on Marquee TV

The Ring of the Nibelung

From 16 to 21 November 2021, Deutsche Oper Berlin presented the RING cycle for the second time. All four parts - DAS RHEINGOLD, DIE WALKÜRE, SIEGFRIED and GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG - were recorded at that time. The complete RING in Stefan Herheim's production will be available in picture and sound in the ARD Mediathek (ARD Klassik) for three months from 14 April 2022. From 13 May, the entire RING will be available for long-term viewing on the streaming platform Marquee TV.
Marquee TV
ARD Mediathek Klassik

For your safety

From 21 April 2022, the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask will no longer apply. However, we still recommend that you wear a medical or FFP2 mask with the request that you maintain mutual respect when doing so. Due to the lack of mechanical ventilation in the ancillary venue Tischlerei, the wearing of an FFP2 mask is still compulsory.
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