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From the Society

A double bass? What’s that all about?

At our society’s traditional dinner on the main stage auctioneer Dr. Kilian Jay von Seldeneck managed to secure €65,000 for the purchase of a double bass for our orchestra.

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On 19th October the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Deutsche Oper Berlin laid on its traditional onstage dinner with 140 guests in the wings of the new WOZZECK production.

In a spectacular auction Dr. Kilian Jay von Seldeneck succeeded in coaxing our members to follow the bidding all the way and pay large sums for delights such as a part as an extra in DIE FLEDERMAUS or a reading with Margot Friedländer. The proceeds of the evening enabled the Society to spend over €65,000 on a new double bass.

In a conversation with Society chairman André Schmitz orchestra director Axel Schlicksupp described the double bass as one of the key instruments in the orchestra. The double bass was ‘embedded in the depths of the orchestra’s soul’.

The evening was rounded off with a recital by double-bass players of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and featuring the wonderful voices of the 2018/19 intake of stipendiaries - Meechot Marrero (soprano), Maiju Vaahtoluoto (alto), Flurina Stucki (soprano), Philipp Jekal (baritone) and Byung Gil Kim (bass) - accompanied by tutor Christopher White.

The party continued until way past midnight, with the guests delighted that they could walk on the stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin without getting their feet wet.



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