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Förderkreis receives impressive introduction to ANTIKRIST

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More than 100 interested members came to the third Bergfest of the Deutsche Oper Berlin's Förderkreis to get a first impression of the new production of the rarely performed opera ANTIKRIST by the Danish composer Rued Langgaard.

Interviews with the director Ersan Mondtag and the musical director Stephan Zilias, which were entertainingly presented by dramaturge Lars Gebhardt, showed how complex the material of this opera is and above all how topical a work that was written 100 years ago can be.

The characters such as Der Mund, der große Worte spricht and Die große Hure were staged by Thomas Blondelle and Flurina Stucki - both former scholarship holders of the Deutsche Oper Berlin's Support Association - and accompanied by dancers in sensational costumes and masks.

The guests were still only given their first impressions, but the abundance of music and the striking images and costumes whetted their appetites for more - many guests will also be present at the premiere to witness the resolution of the play's question of whether God saves the world.




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